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The IUV company has been an expert manufacturer of UV curing equipment for the printing and coating industry since 2007. We mainly focus on researching, creating, and manufacturing UV LED and mercury curing systems for printing.
As a well-known reliable brand in the printing industry, we believe in manufacturing the best and offering excellent customer service to our clients. Besides, we have done over ten thousand installations globally without any complaints so far.

Besides, we manufacture LED UV curing systems, prominent for their energy-efficient functioning, rugged build, and practical design. These systems have a proprietary automatic width measuring setup, which boosts our clientele's printing machines to operate faster.

We aim to become the best manufacturer and solution provider of UV curing equipment. Also, attaining long-term customer care support is imperative, as it guarantees our customers' printing machines run as efficiently as possible.
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IUV’s Curing System

We have a wide range of UV curing systems that will fulfill virtually any converting or printing requirement. 
All our products are perfectly compatible with most printing presses.

UV LED Curing System

Our LED Curing systems offer superior performance and unmatched value in sheet-fed, flexo, and offset printing.

Mercury Curing System

Our mercury curing system works excellently and is a UV light technology employed in the printing industry for a long time.

UV LED & Mercury Exchanging System

Our UL LED & Mercury exchanging system lets you effortlessly interchange mercury and UV LED curing lamps as needed.

Automatic Width Measurement System

Our automated control system spots the width and position of the printing material in real time while the LED luminous section automatically shifts accordingly.

Which UV Curing System Is Best for Your Machine?

Flexo Press Printing

Also called flexographic printing, this is a cutting-edge high-speed printing technique, often used for printing mass packages and labels.

Sheet-fed Offset Printing

This printing technique transfers photos from metal plates to rollers or rubber blankets before printing them on different materials.

Intermittent Label Offset Printing

The label printing industry continually advances and changes label designs, transforming numerous large-sized label orders into medium and small ones.

Digital Printing

This is printing from digital sources like a desktop, in large, high volumes, using regular office or inkjet printers.

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