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IUV has been a professional manufacturer and solution provider of UV curing systems for printing, coating, and industrial applications since 2007. We specialize in researching, developing, and producing UV LED/mercury systems for the printing industry. Our company has a good reputation in the UV LED curing technology industry and the printing market, with more than tens of thousands of installations around the world.

Our LED UV curing systems are renowned for their rugged construction, effective designs, and energy-efficient operation. IUV's patented automatic width measurement system can make customers' printing machines work faster and save more.

We are committed to becoming the best UV curing solution provider around the world. Our focus on long-term support and customer care ensures IUV curing systems run efficiently throughout the life of the printing machines to which they are installed. Read more about our company profile here.
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IUV’s Curing System

IUV has various kinds of UV curing systems which can meet almost any printing or converting needs.
All products from IUV can smoothly work with your printing machine.

UV LED Curing System

IUV’s LED curing systems are excellent in performance and value in the offset printing, flexo printing and sheet-fed printing.

Mercury Curing System

IUV’s mercury curing system is stable in performance as a long-established technology of UV light in the printing industry.

UV LED & Mercury Exchanging System

UV LED & mercury exchanging curing system allows you to freely switch between LED and UV Lamp as required.

Automatic Width Measurement System

IUV’s automatic control system detects the width & position of the printed material in real time and changes the LED lighting area.

Which UV Curing System Is Best for Your Machine?

Flexo Press Printing

Flexo press printing is a modern high-speed printing process suitable for most packaging and label applications. It allows fast, cost-efficient and high-quality label printing for a variety of mass-produced goods.

Sheet-fed Offset Printing

Sheet-fed Offset printing is a printing technique that involves the transferring of an image from a metal plate to a rubber blanket or rollers before being printed on the material.

Intermittent Label Offset Printing

Label printer is constantly changing label designs, which has changed many large run label orders into small or medium run orders. Faster production and quicker delivery have also become paramount for brand owners.

Digital Printing

Digital printing usually refers to professional printing where small-run jobs from desktop publishing and other digital sources are printed using large-format and/or high-volume or inkjet printers.

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