Flexo Printing

What Is Flexo Printing?

Also called flexographic printing, this is a cutting-edge high-speed printing technique, often used for printing mass packages and labels. It delivers quick, affordable, and top-quality printing for a wide range of mass-produced merchandise.

If you want a fast-printing solution for your packages and labels or other materials with quality printouts, flexo printing is an excellent option. This makes it a great choice for numerous industries, including beverage, food, and other consumer goods.

Additionally, flexo printing allows for numerous printing materials, which is why it is so popular. The print materials include food packages, stacking labels, cutting labels, self-adhesive labels, and plastic bags.

Advantages of flexographic printing:
  • It offers speedy printing and is perfect for long-time projects.
  • It is perfect for printing on numerous materials.
  • There is no additional expense or work; you can simultaneously finalize printing, die cutting, laminating, and glazing.
  • Top-quality printouts for great productivity.
  • Reduced maintenance expenses.

Flexo printing is among the most popular printing techniques for businesses in demanding industries like consumer goods, beverages, cosmetics, and food.

IUV's UV Benefits for Flexo Printing

Ideal for printing different materials - Our systems are perfect for printing on different materials and presenting value to our customers. Besides, this provides product diversity via uncoated and coated paper, foil laminates, and plastics.

No Sealer, Spray Powder, Or Marking - You won't require spray powder. This means you won't have extensive contamination, and the system will be easy to maintain and clean.

High Work Efficiency - We use instant ink for a short dry time, which dries a few seconds after printing. This allows you to fold, cut, bound or process your printout immediately, reducing labor and curbing lead times.

Top-Quality Printouts - Our flexo printer system delivers quality printouts with precise details and color patterns. This helps you attain brighter colors and superior-quality final products.

IUV's UV LED Benefits for Flexo Printing

• Our flexo printing curing system is easy to install and is precisely designed for label and packaging printing presses.

• The LED module technology has a series-parallel mode, significantly decreasing the failure and necrosis rate of LED lamps.

• Our system comes with an instant on/off setting for the LED. This translates to zero energy loss when the printer is idle. Besides, UV LED lamps are energy-saving compared to conventional UV lamps. Therefore, you can reduce your printing expenses by up to 70%.

• The remote performance troubleshooting and monitoring for all internet-linked lamps guarantee the constancy of our equipment's operation.

For Flexo Printing

IUV provides three main solutions for flexo printing presses, depending on whether you require 
a UV LED, mercury arc curing system, or LED and mercury interchangeable system. 
You can learn more about these three options below:

UV LED Curing System

IUV’s LED curing system products are developed by our research and development department. The chips of LED are imported from South Korea and have good stability.

UV Mercury Lamp Curing System

IUV's mercury curing system is a long-established UV light of mature technology for the printing industry.

UV LED & Lamp Exchanging Curing System

IUV's UV LED & mercury exchanging system allows you to freely switch between LED and UV Lamp, to meet the different needs of customers for curing.

About IUV's Flexo Printing Customer Cases

In the recent past, commercial printing jobs have sky-rocketed, with over 3000 installations of our top-of-the-line UV LED curing systems globally. This figure is still growing.

IUV LED UV curing systems are especially perfect for flexo printing machines because of the possible energy savings and other environmental benefits.
Regardless of your printing technology, you will need to use power. The best option is to go for an energy-saving alternative, which will, in turn, reduce your operation costs.

One of our clients reviews our flexo printing system as a worthy investment with significantly less operating costs. With this, you can be sure you are investing in the right company and products.
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