Satellite Label Printing

What Is Satellite Label Printing?

Because whether in terms of performance, efficiency, quality or functionality, satellite flexo presses can achieve heights that other printing equipment cannot.

The satellite flexo printing press can be said to be an all-rounder in these printing markets.
In the aspect of carton pre-printing, the pre-printed carton box printed by wide-format satellite flexographic printing machine has accurate overprinting, small color difference, bright color and rich layers.

Since the printing pressure of the satellite flexographic printing machine is uniform and slight, it can be said that it is not affected by the height of the corrugated board. Therefore, the quality of satellite flexo graphic printing machine can be guaranteed regardless of solid, line or text printing.
In addition, in terms of flexible packaging, the satellite flexographic printing machine uses a soft polymer resin plate in the printing process, and the plate-making cycle is greatly shortened, which not only shortens the printing period, but also ensures the quality of the printed product.

Moreover, as the most commonly used printing equipment, satellite flexographic printing machines generally use more environmentally friendly water-based inks to print various products, which increases the love of consumers.

Finally, let’s talk about the biggest advantage of using a satellite flexo printing machine, which is to improve printing quality, greatly improve production efficiency, and automate positioning and registration, tension control, screen display quality tracking and feedback, which not only saves time, but also It reduces the difficulty of operation, which can be said to bring infinite development prospects to the enterprise.

IUV’s UV Benefits For Satellite Printing

Suitable for a variety of printing materials – UV and UV LED inks is workable for printing on almost all kinds material of digital printing and bring added value and increased product diversity with coated and uncoated papers, plastics and foil laminated sheets.

Higher work efficiency– Instant ink is able to immediately drying of printing material. Printed paper can be cut,folded, bound and processed at once, significantly reducing work-in-progress and shortening lead-times.

No marking, no sealer or spray powder – No spray powder can remove widespread contamination and associate cleaning and maintenance easily.

Highest possible print quality with accurate detail and colour fidelity– IUV UV curing system achieve more vibrant colour and a higher quality finished product.

IUV’s UV LED Benefits For Satellite Printing

Complete and easy-to-integrate curing systems designed specifically for digital printing presses.

Adopts series Parallel mode for led modules technology, which greatly reduces the necrosis rate and failure rate of led lamps.

Remote performance monitoring and troubleshooting of all internet connected lamps to ensure the stability of global IUV’s equipment operation.

LED instant on-off means that no energy is consumed when the press is idle. LED uv are more energy efficient than traditional uv, allowing you to significantly reduce your printing costs by as much as 70%.

IUV Products For Satellite Printing

IUV provide three main offerings for satellite printers, depending on whether your needs require a UV LED or mercury arc curing system, 
or LED and mercury changable system. 
You get more about these three options below:

UV LED Curing System

IUV’s LED curing system products are developed by our research and development department. The chips of LED are imported from South Korea and have good stability.

UV Mercury Lamp Curing System

IUV's mercury lamp curing systems is a long-established and mature technology UV light in the printing industry.

UV LED & Lamp Exchanging Curing System

IUV's exchanging curing system allow switch the LED and Lamp freely.To meet different needy of customers for curing.
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