Sheet-fed Offset Printing

What Is Sheet-Fed Offset Printing?

This printing technique transfers photos from metal plates to rollers or rubber blankets before printing them on different materials. In this printing technology, the photo area and ono-photo section reconcile on the same even surface.
This type of printing system has three cylinders:
• Impression cylinder
• Blanket cylinder
• Plate cylinder
Offset printing is a popular method employed in commercial printing and has been used since the 20th century, helping companies to print brochures, leaflets, stationery, cards, and magazines in bulk. Also called offset lithography, commercial printing is handy in printing cartons, boxes, and packages.

Advantages of Sheet-Fed Printing
• It can use fluorescent, metallic, and other types of custom inks.
• It can print on a wide variety of materials with excellent finishes.
• Mass printing is more affordable with this type of system.
• It is also an affordable option for large-size printing works.
• It produces top-quality prints with impeccable color fidelity.
• For commercial offset printing companies, the more the printouts, the less the cost.
This printing method is suitable for fast printing in bulk and is even more affordable than other printing technologies. When the original image is transferred to the plate, it takes a few seconds to print it onto the material.

Besides, offset printing produces clear fonts, colorful images, and fine details, which you won't get from your regular printer.

IUV's UV Benefits for Sheet-Fed Offset Printing

It can print a wide range of materials.
Our UV sheet-fed offset printing systems can be employed for printing almost all sheet-fed offset materials, such as synthetic paper, PU, PET, and PE. Additionally, this system increases product diversity via plastics, uncoated and coated paper, and foil-laminated sheets.

Our UV systems for offset printing use instant ink, which dries immediately, regardless of the material. This means you can fold, cut or process it the moment it comes out of the printer, which reduces the required labor to sort the printouts before they dry and increases convenience.

High-quality Printouts
The printouts from our UV sheet-fed offset printing system ensure you get high-quality printouts with accurate and clear details.

IUV's UV LED Benefits for Sheet-Fed Offset Printing

Our UV intermittent label offset printing system is easy to install and comes complete. Besides, it is explicitly built for intermittent label offset printing machines.

The remote troubleshooting and performance monitoring helps check on all lamps connected to the internet to guarantee the stability of all our UV LED equipment.

Our UV digital system employs a series-parallel mode for the LED system, significantly boosting success and reducing the rate of necrosis of LED lamps.
The systems come with an automatic on/off setting, ensuring no energy is used when the printing press is idle.

LED UV systems are better in terms of energy efficiency compared to traditional UV. This reduces the printing expenses by up to 70%.

IUV Products for Sheet-Fed Offset Printing

IUV provides three main solutions for sheet-fed offset printers, depending on whether 
you require a UV LED, mercury arc curing system, or LED and mercury interchangeable system. 
You can learn more about these three options below:

UV LED Curing System

IUV’s LED curing system products are developed by our research and development department. The chips of LED are imported from South Korea and have good stability.

UV Mercury Lamp Curing System

IUV's mercury curing system is a long-established UV light of mature technology for the printing industry.

UV LED & Lamp Exchanging Curing System

IUV's UV LED & mercury exchanging system allows you to freely switch between LED and UV Lamp, to meet the different needs of customers for curing.

About IUV’S Sheet-Fed Offset Printing Customer Cases

In recent years, printing companies' commercial printing work has grown exponentially, and there are more than 3000 installation cases of IUV LED UV curing systems around the world. The number is still growing.

LED UV curing systems are particularly ideal for offset printers due to their potential energy savings and other environmental benefits. Power usage is a key factor and energy savings can be achieved in production lines, which obviously reduces the running costs.

One of our clients said:“By installing the IUV LED curing system, we have saved about $38,000 a year on average just in terms of power consumption.”

Now with all the efficiencies and the economics of the IUV LED UV, there will be more IUV LED UV users and beneficiaries.
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