Flexo Printing

Also called flexographic printing. This is a cutting-edge high-speed printing technique, often used for printing mass packages and labels. It delivers quick, affordable, and top-quality printing for a wide range of mass-produced merchandise.

Additionally, flexo printing allows for numerous printing materials, which is why it is so popular. The print materials include food packages, stacking labels, cutting labels, self-adhesive labels, and plastic bags. plastic bags etc.

Sheet-fed Offset Printing

Sheet-fed offset printing transfers photos from metal plates to rollers or rubber blankets before printing them on different materials. In this printing technology, the photo area and ono-photo section reconcile on the same even surface.

Sheet-fed offset printing has three cylinders:
  • Impression cylinder
  • Blanket cylinder
  • Plate cylinder

Intermittent Offset Printing

Intermittent label offset printers offer top-quality printing. They can be fitted with different hands-on inline functions, like hot foil stamping, varnishing, cold foil stamping, laminating, rotary die cutting, embossing, and sheeting for label printing.

Additionally, our intermittent label offset printer systems are constantly evolving, which makes printing in bulk, or even small amounts perfect and affordable.

Satellite Label Printing

Satellite label printers will be the new face of flexography in this century. Every printing unit is sandwiched between wall panels in a common impression cylinder. 
The substrate is placed in this cylinder for color printing. Since the equipment is driven directly, whether it’s film or paper, even though there isn’t any unique control device fitted, the overprinting …

Digital Printing

If you are printing sizable printouts in small or large amounts from your office or home, you might require our digital printing system to upgrade your printing setup.

Typically, digital printing is printing from digital sources like a desktop or phone, in large sizes, high volumes, using regular office or inkjet printers.

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