Flexo LED

Suits for the all kinds of brands for flexo printing machine.The excellent feature are energy saving and environmental protection, stable performance.

IUV's Flexo UV Led Curing System

Users of flexo UV Led curing report significantly faster production speeds compared to tranditional merucry curing technology. Additionally, flexo UV Led curing

systems offer more press uptime due to their significantly longer life, instant on/off capability, reduced maintenance time, and faster changeovers.

IUV's flexo UV Leds operate up to 10 times longer (10,000+ hours) than medium pressure mercury arc UV curing systems. The instant on/off capability of UV LEDs

means no more waiting to restart a press or deal with shutters as is required with arc UV lamps. 

Faster changeovers via flexible controls and curing adjustments such as wavelengths, working distance, dimming level (UV energy output) are possible with UV Led

curing. All of these factors contribute to increased uptime resulting in higher production.

Regarding to the flexo UV Led curing system, we developed threes types:

1) Model No.: IUV-FP/L6 (Suitable for use without a base, the printing press has a water-cooled roller)

2) Model No.: IUV-FP/L6/WB (Suitable for the printing press has water cooling base)

3) Model No.: IUV-FP/L6/AB (Suitable for the printing press has air cooling base)

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Benefits of UV LED curing system:

1. Increased production rates and quick turnaround

2. Increased process flexibility and control

3. Easy to retrofit

4. Improved process reliability and consistent print results

5. Reduced operating costs

6. Safer working enviornment

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