Global Trends in UV LED Curing

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UV LED curing has not been in the game for a long time, but it's slowly taking over the market, as many manufacturers consider it the best approach for curing processes. As the curing process and consumer demands grow quicker than traditional curing processes can handle, manufacturers are considering instant, faster and effective solutions.

UV LED curing provides an innovative approach to the curing manufacturing process, causing a paradigm shift in the market, production processes, and more. UV curing methods are changing with new innovative technology replacing conventional practices plagued by various limitations.

Today we are taking an interesting approach to this topic by getting a wholesome look into various global trends in UV LED curing from the market, technology, and production trends.

But before diving in, let us get the scope of UV LED curing.

What is UV LED curing?

UV LED curing uses Light emitting diodes that emit narrow UV bands to initiate a photochemical reaction. The band of UV energy delivered provides a uniform distribution across the spectrum. The substrate then absorbs this energy to promote bonding and crosslink networks in polymers, changing adhesives, coatings, or liquids into solids.

UV LED curing offers many benefits compared to conventional mercury UV technology. The most noticeable being:

· Comparatively, use less energy than UV mercury systems

· Cost-effective and energy efficient compared to other traditional alternatives.

· It saves up more space as the equipment required is compact.

· It offers a greener approach to the

 curing approach.

· Long-lasting dimming control bulbs degrade over time and require regular replacements.

UV LED curing is applied in various industries like printing, coating, product assembly, and decorations. UV LED technology is past niche applications and moving into mainstream segments on a global scale.

Global technology trends in UV LED curing

The industrial world has become interested in UV LED curing due to its benefits and rapid advancements. UV LED curing’s commercial application started in the early 2000s when peak energy output was 1.5 to 11 W/cm2.

The peak irradiance is at 15W/cm2 to 16W/cm2. Various technological trends and advances have occurred to achieve these results. Understanding the trends and advancements will help us understand what is in store for the future.

Altering the working distance and energy output

Previous UV LED curing systems lacked the function to change the working distance since the energy emitted from the arrays was from high angles. LED curing systems have improved optical control to increase focus on UV energy on the substrate.

Many UV LED curing systems have different levels of UV output because dimming controls offer flexibility when dealing with different substrates.

Flexibility and upgradability

Chemistry formulators, in partnership with UV LED engineers, are constantly making advancements to provide end users with quality curing technology. UV LED curing trumps all other alternatives regarding adaptability, upgradability, and reliability across many commercial applications.

With time, it has come to supersede skeptics' expectations as new and powerful LED chip technology is developed regularly.

Advancement in width and wavelength technology

Altering the wavelength between UV LED arrays is simple using a modular system because it allows the user to change the LED array to another wavelength. Current UV LED systems allow the individual to control a section on or off. This allows users to change cure width, matching required needs and saving energy.

Modular LED curing technology

A modular curing technology allows for the simple removal and replacement of the UV LED arrays, much like ink cartridges in a copier which does not require users to change any other parts. Most UV LED curing manufacturers design their systems using a modular approach, although a custom system can be costly.

Global market trends in UV LED curing

According to the Business Research Company, the UV curing national market is expected to increase from $2.44 billion to $4.64 billion in the coming years. As per the UV Curing System Market Outlook, the UV curing market owes this success to technological advancements in this field.

The UV LED curing market comprises systems sales through entities, including sole traders, organizations, and partnerships. These entities cover all market size data, forecast market trends, market segmentation, supply distribution, and more.

By consulting the UV Curing Market Report, traders can also have the edge over competitors. The market report allows consumers to acquire insight into techniques, opportunities, and regions with the best growth potential.


The current market trend in UV curing technology shows an upward trend meaning that the future seems brighter for this manufacturing process. Even skeptics seem to buy into the idea of LED curing as the way forward. Based on its recent success, it's hard to disagree with the statistics and forecasters that predict an upward trend and a better future for  UV LED curing.

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