How Does UV-LED Curing Power Sheet-fed Offset Printing?

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UV ink, the most recent printing technology, shifts from liquid to solid when subjected to UV light. Consequently, this presents the chance for you, relying on sheetfed offset printers, to print loads of materials quickly. 

In the recent past, UV curing has advanced, utilizing LED light sources that produce significantly less heat compared to the customary mercury-fueled lamps while simultaneously utilizing reduced energy and holding a more extended lifespan. 

For most sheetfed offset presses, the advancement to UV-LED curing owes its drive to a motive to get fresh markets and use different materials. For the rest, the appeal is upgrading their business. 


How it Works 


Before installation, your printer's measurement will be taken, and the specs will be double-checked by the person or team installing the curing equipment. This will ensure that the curing gear fits properly in your printer. 

Most typical system setups comprise 1 or 2 LED lamps, usually installed at the printer's end. Additionally, the complete system will consist of a chiller and a power & control unit. This system delivers effective, heatless curing during lithographic printing. 

You'll no longer have a powder-filled printing room, marking issues, and expensive dryers. Besides, since UV-LED takes less than 5 seconds to dry, so no waiting forever for it to dry! This is the only mechanism that will offer you convenience, versatility, and fast investment returns. 

With fast installation on most printers, what more could you ask for?!


Benefits of UV-LED Curing for Sheetfed offset Printing.


Endless printing 

Unlike their counterparts, UV-LEDs release a small amount of infrared heat in the printing materials. This prevents common printing-related problems, including curving of the materials that are sensitive to heat, moisture loss from the printing materials, and high accumulated temperatures.


Unparalleled peace and productivity 

The absence of moving parts results in no cool down/warm up and maintenance. This also translates to less UV-associated downtime, which surges printing productivity. Additionally, the 3-year LED warranty is much appreciated and is valid regardless of operation hours. 


Less Energy Consumption

There is generally zero energy consumption since UV-LEDs switch on/off automatically. Further, their increased electrical proficiency coupled with UV output facilitates constant energy savings. 


No spray powder, or sealer, is required. 

UV-LED inks are completely cured immediately after the LED light. 


Why You Should Consider UV-LED Curing Systems for Offset Printing


Originally, UV-LED curing systems were utilized specifically for retrofitting traditional presses. This is because plenty of money can be earned by persuading printers to purchase a new offset printing press. This offers a vast space for 3rd party manufacturers of UV-LED systems. On the other hand, only some of these manufacturers are properly prepared or experienced to manage the tough issues related to UV-LED curing for offset printing. 

The best thing about UV-LED curing isn't, per se, the LED chips but the incorporation, drivers, housing, cooling, and optimization of the associated constituents. The skills among various providers differ, with the possible inadvertent results which may affect the life cycles of a UV curing system. 

For instance, a lack of understanding of thermal management will result in the system's flawed thermal dissipation structure. When this system is operating in a printing room, the LED, precisely the rear end of the LEDs that aren't reaching the substrate, runs somewhat hot and hence has to be dissipated on time to hinder the failure of the LED chips. 

Further, a web offset printing mechanism is more likely to be affected significantly by a sub-standard UV-LED curing mechanism. This is because offset printing needs more high-level UV-LED lamps compared to a sheetfed offset printer. 


Offset Inks Vs. UV Inks


Offset Inks


These inks are dried via a blend of paper matrix absorption and film creation because of the oxidation of the "drying oils" in the creation of the ink. Besides, they've been handy in the printing industry for decades.

These traditional ink makings consist primarily of pigment, hydrocarbons, polymers, resins, drying oils, and other specialized additives, including surface-active ingredients, waxes, and dryers. 


UV Inks 


The UV-sourced curing of the monomer dries these inks. This is one aspect that makes UV inks different from their counterparts. The pigment is the only thing they have in common with the traditional offset inks. 

Besides this, they both have a photo-initiator, monomer, and some tiny amount of solvent containing oxygen. 




A UV-LED curing system is imperative for that modern touch in your press room, maximum efficiency, unmatched productivity, and convenience. Hopefully, this guide has helped you learn more about UV-LED curing for sheetfed offset printing

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