How is LED UV Curing Used in Label Printing? 

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Every printing business aims to produce top-quality printouts and flaunt their products most memorably. On the other hand, poor-quality products will defame your venture and give it a bad reputation.

Additionally, it suggests poor values and substandard products; hence, it is essential for businesses to choose an effective printing method that accurately depicts your venture's unique selling points.

This is where LED UV curing comes in – it is a proven printing solution that produces consistent and good-quality results with each printout.

So, how is LED UV curing used in label printing? Stick around to find out!

LED UV Curing

Before we talk about LED UV curing for labels, let's first explain what it is. This method is utilized to dry printed material without sacrificing vibrancy, definition, or quality.

It comprises a photochemical procedure whereby intense UV light is employed to cure inks, coatings, or adhesives swiftly and provides multiple upsides compared to other drying techniques.

This method was launched about six decades ago, has been handy in numerous sections, and is frequently preferred over other drying methods, thanks to its ability to produce unmatched quality, productivity, and consistency.

Label Printing

Labels, while small, relay plenty of vital information about products, including warnings, ingredients, and how to handle and use them. Additionally, they include the brand name, logo, and trademarks, if any, and are one of the first things customers check out before making a purchase.

That said, it’s always a good idea to ensure you have good-quality labels. They capture the client's attention and encourage them to purchase from you. Also, your potential customers will find other useful information like how to recycle or dispose of the inclusions in the package.

Now that we all agree that labels are important for any brand, it's crucial to have top-quality labels; legible and attractive.

When it comes to label converting, manufacturers depend on UV-cured adhesive, inks, and coatings to produce high quality, durable and usable labels that properly showcase what the brand is all about. Moreover, this technique delivers vibrant and bold colors compared to solvent or water-based solutions.

Oftentimes, labels are laminated with a thin layer of UV curable coating, then protected using a UV curable gloss or matte varnish, which is applied to different industrial and consumer products. UV-cured labels are the way to go if you want your merchandise to stand out in the crowd.

To print out different labels, converters employ multiple print technologies engineered for mid and narrow web procedures like offset, letterpress, digital inkjet, and Flexo. All these include LED UV technology, allowing operators to conveniently change from LED curing to arc technologies and vice versa.

Benefits of LED UV Curing

Here are some reasons why you should consider using LED UV curing for label printing:

It Enhances Physical Properties

As pointed out, this technique will deliver top-quality, legible labels, which is good for your brand. This is one of the main reasons why manufacturers prefer it. Also, the labels are more scratch and abrasion resistant.

Again, this technique offers your labels better elasticity, strength, chemical resistance, adhesion, and hardness. Lastly, you'll get craze-resistant labels. What more could you ask for?

It Boosts Production

Any printing-related process that needs less space, permits faster production and includes less labor allows for enhanced productivity. This is the case with a UV curing. It allows you to enjoy increased output, better machine use, and reduced downtime. In the long run, this will boost your machine's capacity. Moreover, LED UV curing will enhance productivity, boost your machines, and ensure you utilize your resources more profitably.

Fast Production

If you're looking for a drying technique that will help lessen cycle time, this is the way to go. LED UV curing reduces the work-in-process, saving you capital and substantially surging cash flow.

Other Benefits:

· It allows for easy printing on different materials, including heat-sensitive ones.

· It offers unmatched lightfastness & chemical resistance.


LED UV curing is handy when printing in bulk on a deadline. It won’t disappoint in terms of quality and will help you finish your orders within a short while. Additionally, you can print on different materials effortlessly.

Didn’t know how LED UV curing is used in label printing? Now you know!

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How is LED UV Curing Used in Label Printing? 


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