• Flexo LED
    Brief: Suits for the all kinds of brands for flexo printing machine.The excellent feature are energy saving and environmental protection, stable performance.
  • Sheet-fed Offset LED
    Brief: The sheet-fed offset Led curing technology is the most popular technique for commercial sheet-fed offset printing.
  • Intermittent Label Offset LED
    Brief: The intermittent label offset LED enables fast and easy production of PS plates and ensures minimal time wastage between proofing and printing.
  • Satellite LED
    Brief: The satellite Led curing supports almost material and paper, beside it can cure for various kinds of UV inks well.
  • Pre-cure LED
    Brief: The pre-cure Led is the first choice for surface curing of various types of high-speed inkjet equipment.
  • High-speed LED
    Brief: The high-speed Led used the technology of line focus light source to achieve better results for ink curing.