Intermittent Label Offset LED

The intermittent label offset LED enables fast and easy production of PS plates and ensures minimal time wastage between proofing and printing.

IUV's Intermittent Label Offset UV Led Curing System

IUV-PS/L Model specialized design UV curing lamp for the label offset printing industry, not only provide higher UV energy output but also better uniformity. The optional wavelengths include 365nm、385nm and 395nm.

IUV’s LED technologies deliver rugged, high-performance solutions for demanding label-printing applications. So that our system can reach high-quality request for all printing press.

Additionally, the intense output, low heat, and reduced energy usage of IUV’s UV LED systems has enabled printers and converters to decrease material and operating costs while providing customers with superior product.

Compared with other suppliers, the LED curing systems of model IUV-PS/L provides a better working lifetime as well.

Regarding to the intermittent label offset UV Led curing system, we developed threes types:

1) Model No.: IUV-PS/L4 (Suitable for use without a base, the printing press has a water-cooled roller)

2) Model No.: IUV-PS/L4/WB (Suitable for the printing press has water cooling base)

3) Model No.: IUV-PS/L4/AB (Suitable for the printing press has air cooling base)

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Benefits of UV LED curing system:

1. Increased production rates and quick turnaround

2. Increased process flexibility and control

3. Easy to retrofit

4. Improved process reliability and consistent print results

5. Reduced operating costs

6. Safer working enviornment

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