IUV's Automatic Wideth

measurement system detects the width and postion of the printed material in real time, as well as the LED luminous area automatically follows the material changes.

Automatic Width Measurement System

IUV’s automatic width measurement system is patented and self-developed by IUV's research and developmengt department.

While the width of the printing material changes from 360mm to 144mm, the LED luminous width will automatically ajudst to 144mm, and the luminous area position will automatically follow the material position. The position of the material is working, otherwise it will power off automatically.

Therefore, this function can maximize the power saving, reduce the temperature of the material and improve the life of the LED chip.
With self-developed water cooling system and automatic width measurement system IUV’s LED-UV curing system is designed to cure LED-formulated printing inks and coatings on sheetfed and web offset printing presses, or larger-format flexo presses and digital print engines more economically and efficiently than ever before. Now enable customers to integrate the technology into virtually any analog or digital printing press with ease, further increasing print quality while operating at top industrial speeds - driving increased productivity and profitability.

UV LED Cooling System

IUV's uv curing system has kind of cooling selection which is available for your printing machine such as chillers and fans cooling.

UV LED Control System

IUV's uv curing system has unique remote monitoring function which can easily remote real-time working data, fault diagnosis, software update and others by PC or mobile phone.

UV LED Power Supplies

IUV's uv curing systems driven has vary of power supplies.

UV LED Customisation

IUV's led curing systems can be OEM and ODM,in a number of customized solutions to match your requirement.

IUV's Led Curing System Set

IUV producing uv curing equipment, moreover providing a completed set of uv curing system. We developed a unmated system for constant voltage and constant control,which can improve the curing quality, curing speed, and ensure the stability of running and low failure rate of the whole equipment.
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