We have been specializing in the UV curing industry for 15 years, continuously developing new technologies and products.

Having been in the curing industry for 15 years, we continuously develop products and new technologies to ensure we provide our customers with the best of everything. As a result, we have set up a professional team to deal with difficulties in UV technology.

Our professional R&D team adopts the latest manufacturing techniques in the industry. It has helped launch a series of products that are tailor-made for every customer and according to the required printing conditions.

About IUV's Automatic Width Measurement System

Our automatic width measurement system is uniquely designed to spot the position and width of the substrate instantly. Besides, its LED luminous section also shifts automatically and per the required requirements.

For example, when materials shift from 360mm to 144mm, its LED lighting sector will also automatically modify the measurements. Another incredible feature of our automatic width measurement system is the light-positioned substrate.
About IUV's Power Supply
All our power supply devices are of high quality under the current regulation system requirements and with consistent voltage. Most importantly, they can guarantee that the current flowing through the LED chips is equal. As a result, you enjoy a longer lifespan from the chips.
Another incredible feature of our IUV power supplies is that it has an efficiency of 96%. It helps combine every type of operation and control the voltage, current, and temperature feedback.
About IUV's HMI
Regarding machine working interface, our IUV HMI provides users with simple and effective devices tailor-made for every machine. It is designed to run the majority of parameters on the machine and with specific configurations.

Mounting the HMI on the machine is also relatively easy. It can be easily elected in a freestanding position, s bevel mounting, or any location around the printer. The easy positioning makes operating the machines from different angles and positions easy. Besides, it also comes with remote monitoring.
About IUV's Chiller System
Our chiller system is exceptional for eliminating excess heat from the UV systems. It is designed with an extended and steady UV radiation output. The system also functions with both water and air across various materials produced.

Furthermore, our professional R &D team meticulously engineered and certified all our chiller systems to guarantee quality and seamless compatibility with your UV and press system.
Contact IUV's Sales Representative
If you don't find what you are looking for or want more information about our product, don't hesitate to contact one of our sales representatives and let us get you an LED UV curing system that fits your budget and printing setup best.
We are here for you and glad to help!

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