IUV’s UV retrofits aim to provide IUV’s partners with the most effective service allowing customers’ machines to work most efficiently at the lowest cost of use.

IUV company has set up a professional R & D team to constantly overcome technical difficulties for UV technology. And we develop new LED UV curing products every quarter. LED curing products adopt the latest technology, featured by energy saving, environmental friendliness, and fully automatic control.

Our company has been specializing in the UV curing industry for fifteen years, continuously developing new technology, adopting the latest manufacturing technique, launching a series of UV curing products, and tailor-made products with the functions required by customers according to printing conditions.


About IUV's Automatic Width Measurement System

IUV's automatic control system detects the printed material's width and position in real-time, and the LED luminous area automatically changes accordingly.

When the width of the printed material or paper changes from 360mm to 144mm, then the LED lighting area will adjust from 360mm to 144mm automatically. The position of the material placed is light on, and the position without the material is light off.

This automatic control function greatly maximizes power saving, reduces the temperature of the printed material, and improves the lifetime of the LED chip.
About IUV's Power Supply
IUV has developed a unique power supply for constant voltage and constant current control systems. It can effectively ensure the working current of each LED chip is the same, which greatly prolongs the lifetime of the LED chip.

The power supply's efficiency is up to 96%, which integrates all kinds of control and operation for current feedback, voltage feedback, and temperature feedback in the meanwhile.
About IUV's HMI
IUV's HMI is a simple operation interface for operating all key parameters, also customized for each specific machine configuration. It can be mounted freestanding in any location on or around the press or bevel mounted for seamless integration in machine panels.

The HMI has a remote monitoring function that enables IUV devices to be connected to the cloud server through network cables, WIFI, 5G, and other Internet access across the world. The operator can diagnose and solve problems in the system on time to ensure efficient production of the printer.
About IUV's Chiller System
IUV's chiller system ensures uniform, stable & long-term output of ultraviolet radiation, and efficiently removes the excessive heat delivered by UV systems.

IUV's chiller system includes water and air across the wide variety of products produced. All IUV's cooling systems are rigorously designed and internally tested by R&D to make sure perfect compatibility with your UV system and press.
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