IUV’s UV LED Curing System

UV LED curing products are unique in performance and valuable for the printing industry.

Main UV LED Curing Systems

With a good reputation comes a huge responsibility to upkeep it. For this reason, we only give you the best. Our LED UV curing systems have a self-produced water-cooling mechanism and an automated width measurement structure. Additionally, they are built to cure LED coatings and inks on web offset, sheetfed or larger Flexo presses, and digital print machines in an efficient and affordable manner.

Further, our LED UV curing systems allow clients to easily combine our technology into practically any digital or analog printing press, enhancing the printout's quality while simultaneously running at fast speeds and optimizing profitability and productivity

Flexo LED

Compatible with numerous flexographic printing engines from different brands. It delivers eco-friendly, energy-saving, and steady performance.

Sheet-fed Offset LED

This sheet-fed offset LED system is a common technology for large-scale sheet-fed offset printing.

Intermittent Label Offset LED

This intermittent offset LED Curing setup facilitates swift and easy PS plates production and guarantees no time is wasted between proofing & printing.

Satellite LED

This satellite UV LED curing mechanism is compatible with virtually any paper or materials. Additionally, it can cure numerous UV ink types.

Pre-cure LED

This pre-cure LED curing equipment has reduced UV energy, perfect for swiftly shaping the ink droplets' surfaces ejected from an inkjet printer.

High-speed LED

The high-speed LED uses the technology of line focus light source to cure printing inks or ink-deep gradation fully.

IUV Chiller System

Our chiller system guarantees uniform, steady & and extended UV radiation output and effectively eliminates the excess heat yielded by UV systems.

IUV HMI Control System

The HMI has a remote monitoring operation that allows IUV gadgets to be linked to the cloud server via Wi-Fi, network cables, 5G, and other global internet access means.

IUV Power Supply

Our exceptional power supply can guarantee that the running current of every LED chip is equal, which considerably extends the lifespan of the LED chip.

IUV Automatic Width Measurement

Our automated control system spots the width and position of the substrate in real time while the LED luminous section automatically shifts accordingly.

UV Curing System Retrofit

We have been in this industry for 15 years and have handled over 5,000 UV LED curing system retrofitting projects globally, which keeps surging annually.

Typically, the lead times for the new machines are over a year. However, our UV retrofits come with less than 21 days of lead time. Again, we have a technical team of experts to offer one-to-one solutions to all your issues about retrofitting your UV setup. This will certainly inject fresh blood into an old printing setup at a more affordable price.

To offer a more intimate service to our clients who have an existing printing system installed, our curing system retrofits can upgrade LED UV curing gear and UV lamps. We can also retrofit mercury arc curing systems. Besides, our UV retrofit installation involves installing the UV curing gear on a printing press that the client uses or is already there.
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