UV LED & Mercury Exchanging System

IUV's LED & mercury exchanging curing system influences different loads, and the power supply mode can be automatically switched.

UV LED & Mercury Exchanging System

Both mercury exchanging systems and IUV's LED utilizes a power module with two software algorithms. Apart from that, the LED light and mercury lamp can be easily switched on and off. The two can also be interchanged easily to meet the numerous customer requirements for curing procedures without requiring other operations.
*The LED lamp box and mercury lamp can be inserted and pulled out from the machine quickly.
*The system identifies the required type of lighting automatically without additional operations.
*The water-cooling structure integrated into the LED box ensures environmental protection and high efficiency.
*Both systems are capable of meeting all the printing curing process requirements.
*It improves productivity and reduces the costs of running the machines.

How Is The UV LED & Mercury Exchanging System Working?

IUV utilizes a unique technology that uses interchangeable lamps to achieve independent production and ensure a smooth current flow. This technology effectively maintains a constant chip current, reducing the failure rate.
One notable feature of IUV's technology is the adjustable power capability ranging from 1% to 100%. This feature allows the system to adjust the power output based on the printing speed automatically. Moreover, the system is designed to supply power to mercury lamps and LEDs, enabling seamless interchangeability. This flexibility allows for compatibility with a wide range of curing materials.
The advantages of this technology include flexible and efficient control over the power supply, the ability to switch between LED and mercury lamps, and automatic software identification. These features eliminate unnecessary operations, significantly improving efficiency and enhancing adaptability to different materials.
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