UV Retrofits

IUV’s UV retrofits aim to provide IUV’s partners with the most effective service allowing customers’ machines to work most efficiently at the lowest cost of use.

UV Retrofits

Over the 15 years we have been operational, we have handled over 4,000 UV LED curing retrofitting projects worldwide, with the figure surging annually. Typically, UV retrofits for new machines take more than a year. However, thanks to our improved technology, you will get your UV retrofits in less than 21 days.
Apart from that, we also have a specialized team of experts to ensure you get one-to-one solutions to any issue with retrofitting. It will be a more effortless and affordable option to inject fresh blood into your old printing press setup.

Here at IUV, we always seek to provide our customers a more intimate service, especially those with existing printing presses. For this reason, we provide LED UV curing gear upgrades, lamps, and retrofit mercury arc curing systems.

Furthermore, our UV retrofit installation entails installing the necessary UV curing equipment on the client's existing printing press. This allows for seamless integration with the client's current setup. Once installed, the new UV system can work alongside or completely replace the existing drying methods, such as microwave UV, powder spray, old arc, electron beam, hot air, and infrared. By implementing our UV LED retrofits, you can expect a significant boost in profitability and productivity and substantial savings on energy expenses.

At IUV, we have successfully undertaken retrofit projects in the converting, coating, and printing industries. We are well-equipped to provide expert calculations on the return on investment for various scenarios, ensuring an informed decision-making process for our clients
Contact IUV's Sales Representative
You can contact one of our representatives for more information about our retrofit services. We will help you get the ideal LED UV curing system that suits you best based on your budget and printing setup.

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