About IUV Products

IUV manufactures various high-tech LED UV and mercury curing systems along with all spare parts for a wide range of printing applications.

IUV Main Products

IUV has various LED UV and mercury products to smoothly meet almost any printing or converting demand.

UV LED Curing System

IUV’s UV LED curing system products are developed by our research and development department.
The chips of LED are imported from South Korea and have good stability.
The demand for UV systems is growing year by year in the global market.

Mercury Curing System

IUV's mercury curing system is a long-established UV light of mature technology for the printing industry.
Combining a mercury curing system with LED UV can save you even more cost.

UV LED & Mercury Exchanging System

IUV's UV LED & mercury exchanging system is a self-developed product that allows you to freely switch between LED and UV Lamp, to meet the different needs of customers for curing.

Automatic Width Measurement System

IUV's automatic control system is our self-developed patented system. The system can detect the width and position of printed materials in real-time.

Also, the LED lighting area can automatically change according to the materials.

Many printers have reported that after the automatic control system is installed in their current UV curing system, the printed equipment can save more than 65% of energy consumption and 50% of the running cost compared to before.

To find out more about how the capabilities of our curing system can increase your business's profits, download our detailed catalog below:

UV Curing System Retrofit

With new machine lead times often over 1 year, our UV retrofits have a lead time of less than 3 weeks. IUV has a professional technical team to provide you with one-to-one retrofit solutions to answer all your concerns about retrofitting your UV system.

This will inject new vitality into old printing equipment at a much lower cost.

To bring intimate service to customers who already have printing equipment installed or in use, IUV UV curing system retrofits can update both UV lamps and LED UV curing equipment.

Here, you can contact our Sales Team directly to start your retrofit details.
Contact IUV's Sales Representative
If you want more information about the LED UV curing system that fits your printing setup and budget best, please get in touch with one of our sales representatives.
We are glad to have you here and are ready to help!

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