Satellite LED

The satellite Led curing supports almost material and paper, beside it can cure for various kinds of UV inks well.

IUV's Web Label UV Led Curing System

Model of IUV-SAT/L can save energy at 50% or more with UV LED curing, and speeds can increase by 20-30%. There is less press downtime, as well. This curing technology allows for a great depth of cure, which improves adhesion.

IUV's LED system improves on the existing process by enabling thinner, heat-sensitive substrates while reducing harmful by products, such as ozone, and improving workplace safety.

It is no longer an emerging technology but an enabling technology – one that is bringing a host of advanced capabilities to web label printing. These advances and new capabilities are helping industrial, graphics and specialty printing operations be more productive, versatile and energy efficient.

Many suppliers and converters have made the shift to UV LED curing system. More and more printers are opting for UV LED-based solutions because they offer a host of benefits over conventional UV systems.

Regarding to the web label UV Led curing system, we developed threes types:

1) Model No.: IUV-SAT/L6 (Suitable for use without a base)

2) Model No.: IUV-SAT/L6/WB (Suitable for the printing press has water cooling base)

3) Model No.: IUV-SAT/L6/AB (Suitable for the printing press has air cooling base)

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Benefits of UV LED curing system:

1. Increased production rates and quick turnaround

2. Increased process flexibility and control

3. Easy to retrofit

4. Improved process reliability and consistent print results

5. Reduced operating costs

6. Safer working enviornment

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