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IUV‘s led curing system with water-cooled suits for printing, coating and converting applications. We can readily retrofit or equip new presses from Bobst, OMET, Gallus, Nilpeter, MPS, and Mark Andy, among others.


GEW’s AeroLED is a fully air-cooled, high power UV LED for full cure, printing, coating and converting applications less than 600mm wide. Our unique air-cooling concept uses a single, remote fan to cool the LED lamp with clean, filtered air eliminating the need for delicate electronics and high pitched, noisy fans inside each unit. No water cooling also reduces cost & complexity while increasing reliability.

AeroLED’s efficient optical design enables the lowest energy usage of all our products. This typically delivers energy savings of 50-70% and investment returns on new machinery of less than one year – ask us for your customised ROI.

AeroLED will step change your process control by ensuring stable UV output year after year. Eliminate the uncertainty of UV lamps, reflectors and mechanisms to ensure consistent quality of output from your press. Moreover, AeroLED utilises the same core components as GEW’s long proven LeoLED (>2000 units installed), so reliability from day one is guaranteed.

Like all our UV products, AeroLED uses GEW’s RHINO power supply & control range for ultimate reliability with Industry 4.0 approved, IoT remote monitoring as standard. It also has GEW’s familiar “E2C” cassette design so upgrading an E2C-RHINO system only requires the AeroLED lampheads and a filter unit. This makes AeroLED the most affordable route to LED printing available worldwide.

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 IUV LED Specification


Benefits Of  IUV LED

1. Exclusive patented automatic width measuring module system--intelligent identification, more energy saving and money saving

2. Cold light source --small heat radiation, no infrared light, wide adaptability.

3. Efficient -- instant start, curing speed, higher performance

4. Long lifetime -- more than 50,000 hours;

5. Economy -- instant switch, high production efficiency, low energy consumption

6. Environmental protection -- no ozone discharge, mercury pollution;

7. Safety -- no shortwave, low voltage, cold light source;

8. Easy to operate -- easy to use simple, low operating costs.

9. Low maintain cost -- 80% saving comparing to traditional mercury lamp.

10.  Remote controlling -- Smart PLC controlling system


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