The Applications of UV LED Curing in Printing Industry

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Selecting the ideal printing technique is essential if you want to produce the premium materials and brochures you and your company require to promote your luxury goods. Advertising luxury goods in superb quality against great quality can depend on the efficacy of a print campaign.

There is a remedy, a tried-and-true technique for producing consistently flawless materials, that will be crucial to maximizing the sales of your premium goods. The solution is UV Curing, but what is that? And how does printing use it? The truly innovative technology ensures that it continuously generates amazing results to assist in reaching desired goals and make companies stand out; therefore, curing plays a crucial role in obtaining perfection.

The use of ultraviolet curing in LED UV printing appears to be the future of promoting and exhibiting high-end goods. The superior artwork that the UV LED printer can only create is felt and seen after printing.

What's UV Curing?

UV Curing will continue to receive greater attention when discussing printing with the LED UV printer. It's a drying technique used in printing, essential to creating high-end materials.

Through the photochemical technique of ultraviolet curing, adhesives, inks, and coatings are rapidly dried or "cured" by high-intensity UV radiation.

This technology has several benefits compared to conventional drying techniques, including increased production efficiency, lower reject rates, better bonding, and improved solvent and scratch resistance.

Today, most ink manufacturers provide a UV LED option, making the integration and use of LEDs simpler. Printers can increase the number of applications they provide to their clients as these suppliers continue to create formulations that enhance UV LED curing and particular applications.

uv curing system

Digital Inkjet Printing

UV LED printing technology is used in digital inkjet printing between inkjet heads to generate a range of printing effects at faster speeds while controlling dot gain.

Posters, signage, labels,3D objects, and packaging can all be produced using bi-directional, 3D, and single-pass printers that fully cure digital inks.

Screen Printing

UV LEDs are a fantastic choice for screen printing because of their high energy and low heat output, which enables the use of a larger range of materials, including plastics, glass, metals, ceramics, wood, posters, and other things. The most popular method for directly decorating bottles and tubes using screen printing on UV LEDs does not require a label.

Flexographic Printing

Labels and other packaging materials are frequently produced using flexographic printing, which transfers a picture to the media using an elastic plate. Via tighter process control, UV LED curing technique for flexographic printing offers a greater yield and faster throughput.

The use of thinner and more heat-sensitive materials is made possible by the low heat output, which also makes cool rollers unnecessary.

The incorporation of UV light into the printing process can be done in several ways. Light-emitting diodes, or simply LEDs, have seen the fastest technological growth during the past few years. UV LEDs can either be positioned after the printing process after the ink has been applied to the surface or in intermediate locations if the printing process is carried out in a series of steps.

In contrast to conventional UV light bulbs, UV LED luminescence is produced when electrons pass through a semiconductor (diode) that emits energy in the form of protons. The type of materials used in the semiconductor determines the light emission and, thus, the precise wavelength. The chemical mechanism involved in curing inks with ultraviolet radiation is intricate.

Using a photo initiator is based on crosslinking, which hardens an ink by forming new links within oligomers. A material known as a photo initiator reacts to particular wavelengths and causes a chemical process in which some bonds are destroyed, and others are created.


LEDs are so perfectly situated at a crossroads. On some printers, they are becoming more and more cost-effective, but larger platforms are still a way off. LED UV printing uses ultraviolet curing since the turnaround times are substantially faster, which businesses prefer. Due to the drying process used by LED UV technology, turnaround times for the bulk of high-quality printing jobs can now be reduced by about 40 % without sacrificing quality.

The UV printing sector has a promising future. Companies must lower their carbon footprint to comply with environmental regulations; thus, UV printing is a clear option, especially as it provides a far more complete printing experience than standard solvent-based printing. The likelihood is high that this LED-driven printing technique will spread throughout the sector.

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