Ways UV LED Curing Improves UV Flexo Label Converting Processes

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UV flexo label converting service providers are rapidly adopting UV LED curing technology because of its many advantages for industrial and commercial applications. UV LED curing guarantees an efficient process and long-lasting cure thanks to its steady output. The reliability of UV LED curing in the UV flexo label converting processes improves the uptime and quality of the cure to everyone's benefit.

This curing technology allows for thinner substrate and heat-sensitive labeling, which increases the profit potential for converters in the long run. UV LED curing is also perfect for fast label conversion on a wide range of products in flexo applications, allowing converters to maximize their output and is more environmentally sustainable. Read on!


What Is UV LED Curing For UV Flexo Label Converting Processes?

UV LED curing for flexo label converting is a widely employed technique in the flexo label converting processes that allows for the immediate drying of the printed labels. This technology is used for improved definition, quality, and vibrancy of printed labels and packages.


Presses used in the flexo label converting processes are designed to effortlessly incorporate UV LEDs after every labeling, coating, and adhesive process. This setup efficiently produces top-notch labels on plastic, paper, cardboard, shrink film, and foil. These presses are designed for advanced label speeds, ensuring high quality and optimal functionality. UV LED curing significantly improves the UV label converting processes compared to traditional curing methods.

Advantages of UV LED Curing for UV Flexo Label Converting Processes


Improved Function and Less Heat

UV LED curing occurs at significantly lower temperatures than traditional curing methods. This advantage enables the safe processing of materials that are heat-sensitive without deformation. The technology's dimming controls allow users to precisely adjust the UV energy needed to meet their processes' changing requirements.

By reducing product waste, the user can enhance process versatility, control and broaden the flexo-label converting processes' accommodation of a wide range of substrates. Converters employing UV LED technology can improve the functionality of a press by enabling it to handle intricate and heat-sensitive films without the requirement of chill rolls.


Greater Processes’ Sustainability

UV LED Curing offers a high level of consistency, enabling the creation of low-migration label-converting processes that are safer, longer-lasting, and more reliable. This is possible because UV LEDs have a lifespan of  20,000 operation hours, and they experience barely any reduction in power throughout the lifespan of their curing unit.



The working environment may not be directly connected to the label-converting processes, but safe equipment should be an important consideration by business owners. UV LEDs are safer for label press operators than traditional drying methods.


This is because UV LEDs have a low carbon footprint. Additionally, UV LEDs do not contain any mercury, so there are no hazardous waste products. Noise pollution is also significantly lower since waste blowers are not applied.


Improved Curing Quality

UV LED curing results in superior quality cures and improved adhesion on different materials. Thanks to the LED wavelength, they are suitable for curing all intricate whites and blacks, which allows for deep through-curing. The technology's inks are known for their stability and excellent labeling capabilities.


Low Operating and Maintenance Costs

UV LED curing for label-converting processes provides a cost-effective alternative to traditional curing methods. This is primarily due to the energy efficiency of UV LED technology, resulting in reduced label press operating costs.


Additionally, UV LED curing requires fewer equipment and supplies and incurs a significantly low maintenance cost, further contributing to overall cost savings.


Environmental Sustainability

UV LED curing is more energy efficient as it cuts the energy consumption by half during the curing stage of the flexo label converting process. As a result, an exhaust system, which is normally utilized for removing the fumes produced by mercury-based lamps, is unnecessary.


UV LED lights produce around half the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) as traditional curing methods, making their use a more environmentally friendly option for business.


Take Away

Concerns about prices, performance, and environmental impact are common among label converters. However, the outstanding performance of the LED UV curing system has significantly improved the processes’ output and quality. The curing method ensures minimal material distortion caused by heat, reliable press speed, and process times are shortened.


If you are in the large-scale UV label converting business, UV LED curing is your best bet, as the technology allows for the mass production of high-quality products. IUV provides sustainable, reliable, and more productive UV LED curing systems for your UV Flexo Label Converting business.

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