Why Does Label Printing Benefit from LED Curing?

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Why Does Label Printing Benefit from LED Curing?

Given the difficulty of staying up with the most recent technologies, enhancing label-converting procedures is a continual task. With considerable advancements in numerous printing techniques, LED curing technology now provides advantages for overprint varnishing (OPV)  and narrow web flexographic (flexo) printing for label packaging applications. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of  LED curing technology on label printing.


Higher Production Rates

Compared to current UV curing technology, UV LED flexo inks users report much faster production speeds. Additionally, LED curing systems provide increased press uptime because of their much longer lifespan, rapid on/off functionality, shorter maintenance times, and quicker changeovers.  UV LEDs can last up to ten times as long (10,000+ hours).


Since UV LEDs provide instant on/off capabilities, there is no need to wait for a push to restart or deal with shutters. With UV LED curing, quicker changes are possible thanks to flexible controls and curing modifications, including working distance, wavelengths, and dimming level (UV energy output). All of these elements help to boost uptime, which raises production rates.


Longer Service Life

A UV-LED chip has a service life of 10,000 and 15,000 hours, based on heat dissipation. With a service life of 10,000 hours and an operating time of 8 hours each day, a UV-LED lasts 1,250 days (or approximately five years, probably 250 working days annually).


The service life could be longer because the UV-LEDs are turned off when the device isn't printing.

Most UV-LEDs won't need to be replaced at any point throughout the printer's helpful life. Ozone gas was produced by old high-pressure mercury lamps, which is dangerous for the operators and needs to be evacuated through ventilation.

However, this is usually avoided by using a glass that blocks off the particular wavelength that causes ozone. Ozone is not produced by LEDs either. Lamps must be disposed of according to environmental rules because mercury is hazardous. LEDs don't contain significant toxic ingredients; since they last longer, there is less waste overall.


Immense Energy Savings

Less energy is lost during the quick start-up process for printing presses. Traditional mercury-curing bulbs require much more energy during the warming-up operation, emitting light and heat inefficiently, raising your production expenses. On the other hand, LED curing lamps are ready to use after they are turned on.

Due to these energy savings and the fact that up to 40 % of the electricity used in printing is used for curing, LED printing offers a higher return on investment (ROI) and a lower carbon footprint.


Simple Retrofits

UV LED curing systems are simple to retrofit onto existing flexographic printing machines and narrow web conversion production lines due to their reduced form factor. They don't need large, noisy exterior fans because they naturally have a tiny form factor and little need for cooling or exhaust air.  

Either internal muffin-style fans or water cooling is used to cool UV LEDs. Shutters are not required, and heat control and light shielding are considerably facilitated.


More Versatility

Because LEDs produce little heat when operating, a considerably larger variety of label surfaces can be printed on. For instance, heat-sensitive foils that wouldn't tolerate traditional UV processes can be printed using LED technology.


Lower heat production makes Improved consistency and accuracy possible, which also supports more stable calibration. The result is consistently higher-quality printing with less waste and rework.


Eco Friendly

Finally, UV LED curing provides several significant environmental advantages. Lower energy consumption during production results from faster drying times, less electricity for light warm-ups, and less wastage from reworking.


Additionally, LED UV curing uses about 20% less ink, positively affecting sustainability. Such ecologically conscious upgrades can provide a crucial competitive edge, not to mention substantial cost savings, as customers demand that businesses commit to reducing their carbon footprint.


Take Away

LEDs are so ideally situated at a crossroads.  Some printers are becoming more and more cost-effective, but larger platforms are still a ways off.


Although there are still costs associated with changing your curing systems, the savings you may expect from longer bulb lives alone will quickly offset those costs. Additionally, you increase the environmental performance while spending less on electricity.


The odds favor LED curing if you want to invest in a more lucrative future. It is an excellent selection for your printer, supported by cost reductions that benefit both the environment and the financial line.

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Why Does Label Printing Benefit from LED Curing?


Why Does Label Printing Benefit from LED Curing?Given the difficulty of staying up with the most recent technologies, enhancing label-converting procedures is a continual task. With considerable advancements in numerous printing techniques, LED curing technology now provides advantages for overprint

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