Benefits of UV LED Curing Over Medium Pressure Arc Lamps

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If you're considering using UV LED curing for your converting procedures, exploring the various UV curing options is a good idea.

This article provides a detailed and easy-to-understand comparison between UV curing technology and medium-pressure arc. It highlights the benefits of UV curing technology over medium-pressure lamp technologies.

For over thirty years, companies have been using UV radiation to cure coatings for flexible packaging. Some companies have been using this technology for more than two decades. Thanks to the development of UV light-emitting diodes (UV-LEDs), some exciting advancements in UV curing technology have occurred.


UV LED curing technology has unique advantages, such as providing a consistent output of UV energy at a specific wavelength, making the process highly reliable. Arc lamps tend to produce inconsistent curing yields because their production and wavelength can shift. It is in stark contrast to the method being discussed. Additive lamp processes like laminating often show inconsistency.

UV-LED technology is constantly advancing, driving the demand for UV-cured materials, with a particular focus on UV-cured effect coatings. The combination of UV-LED and UV-cured layers has become an easier way to finish products, thanks to advancements in UV-LED technology and improvements in UV-cured coating chemistry.

Using this technology instead of solvent coatings has much potential for new opportunities in materials and product markets.

Medium-pressure UV lamps are quite powerful, with a power density of approximately 100 W/cm². They also have a broader line spectrum in the UV and visible range, which spans from 200 nm to 600 nm. These can be used for various photo-chemical processes, as well as for photo-disinfection and photo-oxidation procedures.

What are the differences between UV LED curing and medium-pressure arc lamps?


LED lights are smaller than mercury UV arc lamps and produce the same amount of UV light. LED lights use less energy because they turn on and off immediately without needing time to warm up.


LEDs are not as bright as medium-pressure arc lamps because they have lower radiance and efficiency. LED lights mostly emit light in the visible range (400 nm to 700 nm) or near-infrared (700 nm to 2000 nm), which means only a small amount of their total spectral energy is in the form of UV light.

LEDs differ from arc lamps because they don't need to warm up or cool down before use. It means that they are always ready to use whenever you need them. However, it is worth noting that arc lamps have the potential to be more efficient and produce a considerable amount of heat.

This substance can increase the speed at which the polymers crosslink, but it may also cause damage to delicate substrates, which can make it difficult to print on soft materials. It's better to keep these lights on even when the printing machine is not in use because they take some time to heat up and cool down.

Power class

The curing gear type is displayed, but whether the substrate received UV energy cannot be confirmed. The input power is used for arc systems. UV LED ratings are often based on the peak irradiance within the emission window. Unfortunately, there is no industry standard for rating energy density, so users are often left to conduct tests or gather data from UV-curing equipment manufacturers.

Useful Life

"Useful life" refers to when a product or asset can be used before it becomes obsolete or no longer functional. Over time, UV lamps will naturally degrade. Understanding the concept of "useful life" is important, which refers to the expected number of operating hours where you can still achieve effective curing for your specific process.

If an arc lamp is not kept within a certain temperature range and is turned on and off frequently, its lifespan will be significantly reduced. Additive arc lamps have a shorter useful life compared to mercury arc lamps.

Take away

The arc lamp is an interesting topic because it aims to create light via an electric arc. This summary offers insightful information about how this magnificent lighting source operates. Within the lamp's design, two electrodes might be separated by a gas.

The peculiar gas type used within the arc gives the light its name. The arc uses a high-current discharge between electrodes to illuminate its surroundings.

IUV's unwavering dedication lies in establishing itself as the leading provider of UV curing solutions globally. With an uncompromising commitment to delivering exceptional customer care, it prioritizes long-term support for its IUV curing systems. We guarantee that our systems operate at apex efficiency for the whole lifespan of the printing machines they are installed on.







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