Best Tips for Getting The Most Out of UV Curing in Printing

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Are you trying to print or coat using UV but need help to get optimal results? UV curing is supposed to be fast and efficient when drying inks. So, there could be something you could have done better. Either way, to get the maximum benefits from UV curing, you should read further on our tips. Hang on as we start with choosing the right curing system.

Choose the Right UV Curing System

Did you know that there are specific UV curing systems for different requirements? In fact, each is designed with the types of ink, coat, production volume, curing speed, and depth in mind. As such, the lamp power, configuration, and curing depth may differ across different systems. You have to ensure that the system you settle for is compatible with your printing and coating needs.

Optimize Ink or Coating Formulations

The results you get depend on the ink and coating formulations. Such formulations are designed to cure when exposed to UV optimally. So, you may need to work with ink and coat suppliers to determine the most suitable material for your printing needs. Then check on their stability, adhesiveness, and gloss levels too.

Maintain Proper Distance and Intensity

Distance and intensity have a significant effect when it comes to UV curing. You must ensure the UV lamps are situated at an optimal distance from the substrate.

This will help you achieve uniform and optimal curing. But, put it too close, and the ink shall overture and result in brittleness and less adhesion. Again, placing the lamp far away could result in incomplete cures and lesser durability. You must monitor the UV intensity to ensure the coat is consistent and not brittle.

Control UV Exposure Time

Controlling the substrate's exposure to UV may also give you optimal results. When you are working with different inks, they all may require an additional duration of exposure for maximum curing.

Again, you need to know the thickness of your ink, print speed, and the peripeties within your substrate. These factors can dictate the exposure time. Run some test runs to determine the rate at which optimal results can be manifested and fine-tune your systems.

Ensure Proper Ventilation

When working on UV curing, volatile organic compounds or mercury gases are emitted, which could put your life at risk. Ventilation, on the other hand, may eliminate these emissions and provide you with a safe working surrounding. So before starting on curing, inspect your work environment to ensure proper ventilation.

Come up with Quality Control Measures

Remember, your goal is to get a high-quality curing effect on the coat or the print. As such m, you must frequently watch and inspect the cure prints for any anomalies, such as insufficient curing or lack of depth, poor adhesion, and color misappropriations.

Try out some standardized testing procedures and equipment to check your printed items. This can help you find and address the issues that lead to poor-quality end products.

Train Your Operators

UV curing procedures can be difficult if you lack proper training. Your operators need to pass through comprehensive programs. The UV curing principles, tool handling, maintenance techniques, and safety protocols may be. You may have to use operators who know the importance of adhering to proper curing parameters. Besides, it will be best if they can troubleshoot any problems that might come up during the curing process.

Keep up with UV Curing Tech Developments.

You now know how fast UV curing technology is evolving. New advancements are kicking in almost yearly. You must stay updated with developments on lamps, inks, and coatings. It helps if you attend workshops and conferences related to UV curing to gain insights into these trends. New advancements can easily optimize your UV curing process and help you stay ahead of rivals.


At last, you have realized it's not that hard to get the most out of your UV curing units. Having the right system, optimizing your substrate, keeping the optimal distance, and watching the duration of exposure could make a difference. Remember to ventilate your working area and implement control measures.

Lastly, UV curing tech is ever-evolving. You need to get your UV curing products from a manufacturer who will keep you up with the trends. In this case, you should try IUV.

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