What Is A UV Curing Lamp?

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What is a UV curing lamp?

Selecting the ideal printing technique is essential to produce the premium materials and brochures you and your company require to promote your luxury goods. Advertising luxury goods in superb quality against excellent quality can depend on the efficacy of a print campaign. There is a solution, and it's a tried-and-true technique for producing consistently excellent materials, which will be crucial to maximizing the sales of your premium goods. The answer is a UV Curing lamp, but what is that? And how does printing use it?

UV Curing Lamp

When talking about printing, UV Curing is a process that will keep getting more attention. It is the printing process's drying technique and is crucial to developing high-end materials.

Inks, coatings, and adhesives are immediately dried or "cured" by high-intensity UV radiation during the photochemical process of ultraviolet curing. This technology has several benefits compared to conventional drying techniques, including increased production efficiency, lower reject rates, better bonding, and improved scratch and solvent resistance.

High-intensity UV light is explicitly used in UV curing to quickly dry paint to a hard, long-lasting, chemical-resistant finish. UV curing, available in formulations that are 100% solids, waterborne, and solvent-based, can significantly minimize the environmental impact of your paint line while lowering energy costs and raising quality.

Because UV cure coatings employ light energy instead of heat energy to cure, they are special because, depending on the formulation, they can dry in less than a second after exposure to UV light. UV cure coatings can be made non-flammable, low VOC, or VOC-free to satisfy your safety and environmental needs.

How Does UV Curing Work?

UV curing, a cutting-edge drying technique LED UV uses, works well. Ultraviolet light, which takes just a moment, dries the ink instead of heat. The procedure decreases turnaround time while preserving the quality and color depth of the ink. LED UV printing presses use about 20% less ink than traditional ones since the ink is less likely to absorb into the stock and spread out due to the rapid drying period.

Your printed media will be displayed with an increased high-definition finish thanks to the method's significantly improved physical qualities. To get into a little more detail, the UV light employed is a specific type of light typically thought to have a wavelength between 200 and 400 nanometers (nanometers). This light's practical applications in this spectrum include water purification, semiconductor lithography, and adhesive curing. This ties it to LED UV printing because the light quickly hardens inks, coatings, and adhesives.

Take away

IUV is a Chinese manufacturer and solution supplier of UV curing systems for coating and printing with 15 years of experience. Our LED UV curing systems are well known for our uncompromising build quality, successful layouts, and energy-efficient operation. The innovative automatic width measurement technology from IUV can encourage customers' printing equipment to operate more quickly and efficiently.

The brand is dedicated to being the top global supplier of UV curing solutions. IUV curing systems operate effectively for the life of the printing machines to which they are installed, thanks to our focus on long-term maintenance and customer care.

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